iFlyLabs is a product based company which develops enterprise applications. Our first product, iFlyChat, provides chat functionality to website users via web and mobile media. At present, we have about 10000 customers worldwide and we are looking to expand further. To help us with this, we are looking to hire full time employees.



Positions available:

  • Frontend Engineer



As a frontend engineer, you will be required to work on our web application known as iFlyChat and the JavaScript library that is installed on customer's website. We ship code continually and are looking for people who can work closely with backend team. The solution you build will be deployed on thousands of websites which in turn would be used by millions of users.

As an engineer at iFlyLabs, you will be responsible for creating, monitoring, managing and improving our product, iFlyChat, that is used by over 10000+ websites. We use many libraries and tools like ReactJS, Flow, jQuery, SASS, LESS, Webpack, Grunt, Git, Enzyme, BrowserStack and many more.


Location: Noida


Experience: 1 - 2 years



  • Strong knowledge and experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and ReactJS.
  • Understanding of the DOM and browser caching.
  • Understanding of how the browser works.
  • Knowledge of writing cross browser compatible JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of high-level programming concepts like promises, data-binding.
  • Experience of modular CSS, along with some experience with frameworks like Bootstrap or Semantic.
  • Experience of writing modular / reusable code and using JS frameworks is a plus.
  • Experience with frameworks like ReactJS, Angular, etc., especially about their internal working is a plus.
  • Extra bonus for experience with Flow or TypeScript.
  • Experience with test-driven / behaviour-driven development using automated testing tools is a plus.
  • Experience with advanced CSS programming using LESS or SASS is a plus.
  • Experience of how to use local storage and service worker in browser is a plus.

Working at iFlyLabs would give you the opportunity to work closely with the founders and get firsthand experience of working in a startup. You would play a pivotal role in defining new features and shaping our product.

While applying, please share links to your previous work and GitHub profile.


How can I apply? 

Please mail us your resume to careers@iflylabs.com. No cover letter required.